Content for Business Communications:

  • English language writing, editing and translating
  • Usability ease-of-use reviews


MIT Department of Material Sciences
Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report
Consolidating and editing text, tables, and images from meeting documents and Qualtrics surveys. Report’s content created from 3000 hours of work produced by the 50 person Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collaborative. This was a remote project for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Academic grant report
Consolidating and editing text and images from over 70 documents for a grant report on the diversity and inclusion work of 8 academic institutions. Remote project at Station1, a nonprofit higher education institution for socially-directed science and technology in Massachusetts, USA.

Tinnitus UK
Usability Design Review
Review design for animated research progress tool. Developed proposals to increase ease-of-use of the tool and for funding the tool software. Remote project for the British Tinnitus Association in Sheffield, United Kingdom, a charity that supports people who experience tinnitus and related medical research.

Web course quality improvement
English language editing and usability improvements for the health services site Remote project for a company providing exercise programs and education for health and personal development in Switzerland.

Dapper products
Web site quality improvement
English language website editing and usability improvements. Remote project for Dapper Products, a consumer product cane manufacturer in Boston, USA.

Polyamp AB
Web site quality improvement
English language editing and usability improvements for technical product information web site translated from Swedish to English. The work was completed for Polyamp, a company specializing in power supplies and naval electromagnetic signature suppression in Sollentuna, Sweden.


Gunilla Wigge

Sue has translated my novel “Havsträdgården” from Swedish to English and I was impressed with how she took on the project. Sue showed great respect for my work. As an author, I appreciated that she both kept to the text and was also very thorough in her research on particular subjects. Our many interesting and fruitful discussions showed how dedicated and creative she is. I was looking for a structured and yet sensitive and creative translator for my book, and Sue turned out to be exactly that.

Ellan Spero, Ph.D
Co-founder, Professor of the Practice (Station1) & Instructor (MIT)| Historian of Science & Technology| Entrepreneur

I have engaged with Susan Cohen on report compilation and editing projects on topics related to pedagogy, and diversity, equity and inclusion in science and technology. Sue’s role in these efforts included: synthesis of themes drawn from disparate information, contribution to overall narrative and structure, and editing of text and style formatting. I continue to value her thoughtful reading and engagement with the intellectual content and mission of our shared work. Her role as an informed yet external reviewer and editor allowed for productive reflection and strengthened the overall projects.